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    A Non-Profit 501c3 for Inner Personal Development


    Everything we do, we are challenging the current systems. We believe in a holistic approach to education that include heart intelligence and principals. We believe quality sexual education should be available to anyone, anytime, anywhere. We believe human sexuality is beautiful in all forms and we believe sex deserves to be normalized and celebrated. Our mission is to create easy-to-understand, condensed-digital educational courses, workshops, programs to create leaders for grassroots efforts and to make it all accessible for anyone who seeks it. Our programs are integrating sexual Intelligence with emotional intelligence, personal growth, community connection and holistic approaches to well-being. We believe intelligence comes from more than just the mind, and we aim to educate, grow awareness and help facilitate personal growth through the intelligence of the heart.



    "Energy" vs "Form" - a journey inside yourself....

  • FAQ

    Is Goddess University for Women Only?


    Our education is for ALL Humans no matter what their gender identity is.

    Does this site teach about masculine and feminine energies?


    Understanding/teaching energy archetypes and energy signatures is part of our founding principals and base education offering.

    Where can I get more information about this program?

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    Because we are a start-up, our current platform for sharing is Facebook and email blasts. Please sign up for email below and like us on Facebook. Join our private group for discussions.

  • About Us

    Everything falls under one principal.

    That principle is the energy signature of the Sacred Mother.

    Mother Earth.

    The Mother of ALL life on the Planet…all life that was, and all life to come.

    The Great Mother has imprinted on ALL life, like a new mother and baby. All humans, all animals, all winged creatures, all sea creatures, all plant life. The Great Mother LOVES ALL LIFE!


    This principal is also known “unity consciousness”.

    All life is loved and cherish.

    All life deserves abundance and well-being (like a mother would want best for her child).


    We educate/celebrate/encourage/share/discuss:

    * Sexuality, because it is the life force energy that creates life.

    * Lifestyles/practices of indigenous humans, including using energy medicine and plant medicine.

    * All FORMS of love, healing and care to Mother Earth

    *Personal empowerment, mind-body connection, presence/grounding, body-positivity, self-love, self-healing, emotional release/and emotional intelligence.

    *Mindfulness, respect, intention, vulnerability, boundaries, and discernment.

    *Sacred Ritual and sacred lifestyle practices.


    We have two guiding principles to follow for best results...

    1) We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

    2) Take only what resonates with you, leave everything that doesn’t.


    Educator Model

    For Conscious World Development

    We host educators for sharing their best tools to the world, and then we link interested students back to their educational programs. We use an “energy vs form” platform. Educators, leaders and conscious world developers are welcomed to apply for a page on our site. Our mission is to take the basic principles and turn them into helpful tools for people’s inner-personal development, relationship development and personal sovereignty.

    Our Service Model

    Digital and Grassroots

    Our mission is to share the collection of personal development tools. We focus on video production and distribution, grassroots community development, workshops, webinars, collaboration/connection/co-creating with other non-profits, and general community outreach and leadership training. We focus also on raising money for grants for low-income qualifying individuals to attend mystery schools and conscious development educational programs across the globe.

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